We are a group of military

veterans, business men and cyber

experts, passionate about

technology and innovation

We are a group of military veterans, business men and cyber experts passionate about technology and innovation

Looking to invest in entrepreneurs and companies that are transformative in their sector

About EMY

Early-Stage investments in technology - Web3, Blockchain, Fintech & Deep Tech

Creating collaborations between companies, organizations, universities and colleges to encourage entrepreneurship thus building a rich ecosystem alongside our protfolio companies and projects

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Fields of expertise

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Global Network

Leveraging our connections to help our portfolio companies access strategic partners and clients

Investor network access

Venture Capital firms, home offices, angel investors & more


Building a community for developers interested in learning blockchain programming. Creating employment opportunities for them in the industry | Accompany and encourage them to initiate projects of their own

Data & Depth Research

Ability to perform a high quality in-depth research and analysis of blockchain startups and technologies

Our Projects

We invest in the future

Crypto Jungle
Crypto Jungle is a content, news and learning ecosystem for digital currencies and the Israeli blockchain community. Providing the latest news, analysis and commentary on hot market issues, coverage of emerging and existing currencies, and even online tutorials and face-to-face learning courses.
Magic Square
Magic Square is a discovery and engagement platform for the world of Web3, blockchain, and crypto apps
Point Network
Point Network decentralizes everything, becoming the first ever full web3 implementation.
Partisia Blockchain
A WEB 3.0 infrastructure with no single point of trust for generic coordination of public and private information to be used by all applications across all platforms.

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About the group

Meet the team

Elad Sevilia

Experienced entrepreneur, businessman and investor. Founded and managed successful businesses in real estate, food and technology with a variety of different companies.

Yossi Cohen

A veteran businessman with years of experience in the field of communication and mobile. Investor in blockchain technology.

Major (res.) Matan Roginsky

Former officer in the Israel Defense Forces under the ICT Corps (Major in the reserves). Over 9 years of service in elite technology units. An experienced tech manager with a rich background and understanding in analysis and business. Holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Investing in the future
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